2 thoughts on “Grace F.U. – pay cut

  1. for those not capable of earning such amount (and that include me), some will always be envious and will never be satisfied until the minister pay is closer to the average Singaporean pay. When that happens, good luck to Singapore, because you will have idots running this country like those ministers in our neighbouring countries or like those goverment ministers in other part of the world that people like to point out as receiving less than our minister pay. I am happy to have them get this pay as long as i have a good job and have a home i can come back to in a peaceful and safe country. Too many people have forgotten this!!! There is no free lunch. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

  2. In case this hasn’t got old yet, are you saying that the U.S., U.K. and many other “first class countries” have shitty governments?

    However, in some sense I agree with you. You do well, you get paid well. For everything diverging from that point, we differ. You think they’ve done well, whereas I don’t.

    And to use your analogy, the cost of lunch can be offset by good company. Not everything can be quantified into a dollar value. When idiot ministers join the ranks solely to afford whatever luxuries they feel they are entitled to, that’s when you get frustrated.

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